In this bicycle rush, we have imagined a reliable 2-wheel solution adapted to business use.

Give your team a boost

From implementation to management, your mobility without worries.

Build your Starbolt fleet.

Choose from our electric bicycle, electric scooter and electric scooter. Customize them from as few as 10 vehicles


Your 2 wheels insured with a maintenance service and ongoing support.

A Sarbolt never rides alone. Wherever you are, we are there to support you.

100% insured

Every time you ride with Starbolt, you are fully covered by the maximum level of insurance: liability civil, physical damage, property damage, theft.

100% assisted

A flat tire, a worn brake pad or worse? A real rider has to wear out his bike! We make sure that you can get back on the road quickly and serenely.

100% maintained

Problem? You just have to call. Whatever happens, we come every 4 months to check your Starbolt directly in your company.

100% equipped

Just like James Bond, a Starbolt comes with smart accessories, designed for your daily commute.

Your 2 wheels connected with an iOS and OS app and a fleet management back-office.

Our "ride-sharing" application is available to facilitate the use and sharing of electric two-wheelers. Your employees can book their two-wheeler in a time slot, then lock and unlock it via the application.

Safety, a priority

Our two-wheelers are delivered already fully equipped.


U-shaped anti-theft

Phone holder


Storage Solutions

For each implementation, our simple storage solution adapt to your needs.

Bicycle parking

Easy to use and a fast, powerful and comfortable bike.
Fanny Al User in a coworking space.
Move fast, clean, efficient, without wrinkling your suit & without sweating
Alexander Deubner
We are called the "guardians" of the future.
Mrs. Moutaki, Les Résidences Yvelines Essonne rides a Starbolt electric scooter in Les Mureaux.
Move fast, clean, efficient, without wrinkling your suit & without sweating
Alexander Deubner