Give your team a boost

Make every day a call for adventure.

The crisis linked to COVID has amplified the revelation of a movement that has already been at work for several years and that we all had before our eyes: this metro-work-wake-sleep litany that we were replicating could be reinvented. Yes, we can work and be productive from wherever we want, and whenever we want.

Why go back to a rhythm and a method of the past, when it is up to us to break these invisible chains, which had made "modern" work so debasing.

We want to kill the metro-work-sleep system to give way to the essence of what work represents for us: a community of free and fulfilled individuals. who together find the energy to surpass themselves for a cause, a common dream.

We believe in a business world : One that frees itself from its own conventions and decorum and lets its individual and collective talents shine through. Which advocates efficiency rather than conformity. Which calls for adventure rather than suffocation. We want to free everyone from the lethargy of everyday life. Our mission is to make every day a call for adventure.

Transmit the energy that allows you to surpass yourself.

What individuals and collectives lack to commit themselves to their destination is often the first impulse. Every movement begins with a shock, an awakening, a shift.

Our super power, in everything we do, is to energize. And we think that this is a daily affair, a necessary routine. Like an athlete warming up before every practice, a team shouting its war cry before every game, or just the favorite piece of music we play every morning.

We are the electric momentum that pushes you on your first pedal stroke. We are the fresh air that energizes you every morning before a day's work. We're the wink that gives you the nod to get you going before a date. We are the challenge that makes you want to surpass yourself as a team.

Starbolt is the mobility solution. companies on the move.

We install and operate your own fleet of electric 2-wheelers so your team can work "freewheeling".

Free access within your community for professional or personal trips.

Electric power to win time and ride safely.

To your colors to fly in squadrons to your next appointments

A rack always fully inflated and ready to use.

With Starbolt you give your teams a cape of fluidity: a superpower to free themselves from the drudgery of daily journeys.

The energy of the first pedal stroke (vs. transit fatigue).

The promise of being on time, or even early (vs. late or sweaty).

The guarantee to always have a free and functional 2-wheeler (vs. "sh**** no bike available").

The freedom to decide its path

We propose 2 uses, depending on of your location and organization: Individual (company bike)
Community (free sharing)

Shall we go?

Starbolt was created by Edouard Atger and Ugo Annicchiarico in 2018, two sportsmen who are always looking for new challenges and adventure. Their missions are twofold: .

To democratize the use of electric transportation in cities.

To make every day a call for adventure in their team and at their customers' homes.

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